Open the door to Energy!

In this course I will be teaching you, simply, the way energy works.  There will be no symbols, hand positions, breathing styles or other complicated methods to learn.  The purpose of this course is so that you can learn how energy works and how to use it to improve your everyday life. 

From there you can continue to learn from a place of understanding and with a foundation on which to base your future learning.

Once the basics of energy are learned the possibilities are endless.

Courses are one on one, or via video conference. 

The Time Frame can be adjusted to each individual.  The length of the course is roughly 6 - 8 hours.  This can be done over multiple sessions. 

The fee for the course is $495.00 

To take the steps to a more positive and healthy you. please contact me at:


Call or Text 780-907-4506